1655 –
Flag of Jamaica (1906-1957) Jamaica COA 1906
"Out of many, one people"
Land of Hope and Glory
Capital Kingston
Official language English
Government British Crown Colony
Head of state
1974 -
King Richard IV
Head of government
2002 -
Patrick Allen
Area 11,100 km² (2007)
Population 2,804,332 (2007)
Historical era
Currency Union Pound Sterling
UKOBANA   Members of the United Kingdom of Britain and North America   Indiaflag
Member Nations

United Kingdom of Britain and North America | Kingdom of Oceania | British Raj

Colonies and Dependencies

Hawaii | French Provinces | South Africa Union | Honduras | British Guiana |

Falkland Islands | Gibraltar | Bermuda | Malta | Hong Kong | Union of the Pacific Islands

Jamaica | Mosquito Coast | Union of the Bahama

Flag of Hong Kong 1959   Members of the United Kingdom of Britain and North America   Oceania

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