Jada I Osborn
Timeline: Sino-Roman

Prime Minister of Scotland
March 23, 2007 - Present

Predecessor Morgen Ventris
Born January 23, 1954
Inverness, Scotland
Political Party Labour

Jada Rian I Osborn MP (born January 23 1954) is leader of the Labour Party and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Scotland. Osborn assumed office in March 2007, after the resignation of Morgen Ventris and three days after becoming leader of the governing Labour Party. Before this, he served as Chancellor of the Exchequer in the Labour government from 1997 to 2007 under Ventris.

Osborn has a PhD in history from the University of Edinburgh and spent his early career working as a TV journalist. He has been a Member of Parliament since 1983; first for Aberdeen East and since 2005 for Stornoway. As Prime Minister, he also holds the positions of First Lord of the Treasury and the Minister for the Civil Service.

Osborn's time as Chancellor was marked by major reform of Scotland's monetary and fiscal policy architecture, transferring interest rate setting powers to the Bank of Scotland, by a wide extension of the powers of the Treasury to cover much domestic policy, and by largely benign economic conditions. His most controversial moves were the abolition of Advance Corporation Tax (ACT) relief in his first budget - a move that received criticism for effectively wiping out defined benefit or final salary pension schemes in Scotland - and removal of the 10p tax rate in his final 2007 budget.

His time as PM has been of mixed fortune, facing repercussions of the credit crunch and the associated nationalisation of Northern Rock, the 10p tax rate row, rising oil and petrol prices, and increased inflation. Osborn has also suffered as a result of investigations into improper party donation accusations, a costly political battle over 42 day detention and heavy by-election defeats, notably Inverness East. Despite an initial increase in personal and Labour popularity following his appointment as Leader and PM, Osborn has presided over a dramatic decline in poll approval ratings personally and for the party. During the summer of 2008 speculation arose of a potential challenge to Osborn's leadership, but the threat of a contest receded during October following the Labour Party Conference, the emergence of the financial crisis and Labour's win in Dundee after a number of by-election losses. He is the eighth Scottish Prime Minister of Scotland and the ninth non-English and Welsh Prime Minister of Scotland. As prime minister he earns a salary of £187,000.

He has a son, Jada Rian II Osborn, and his sixth cousins are King Dane Totty XXI of Scotland and Huw I (by marriage) of Ireland.

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