Point of Departure


February 1744, A French invasion fleet left for England beating a storm by a matter of hours. With the fleet is the Stuart Pretender to the Throne of England; better known as Bonny Prince Charlie.

At the same time that the French land in southern England, a coordinated uprising begins in the Highlands of Scotland.

Both armies slowly make their ways to London which falls to the Jacobite forces, leading to a return of the House of Stuart under King Charles III.

The Aftermath

  • Ireland, England and Scotland each receive a separate legislative parliament.
  • Wales is granted a certain level of autonomy
  • Religious tolerance is applied (no state church or sectarian prerequisite for holding office).
  • Respect of the Scottish Highland Clan System
  • Elements of the Scottish Highland's dress having been adopted by other ethnicities as a sort of Jacobitic uniform. Originaly these were mostly a plain kilt in national colours (green or blue & gold for ireland, white and red for england, green, white and red for wales) but in later years, regional variants were created.
  • One of the most famous Scottish regiment in the British Army is the Clan Macdonald of Clanranald. It becomes an honour guard for the King in Scotland.
  • The new king of the United Kingdoms leaves the Quadruple Alliance during the War of Austrian Succession.

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