Jacob Alan Waters

President Jacob Alan Waters
43rd President of the United States
In Office:

January 20th, 2001 - Present

Vice President: None
Preceded by: William J. Clinton
Succeeded by: Incumbent
Senator - New York
In Office

January 3, 1976 - November 16, 2000

Preceded by: James Buckley
Succeeded by: Richard Lazio
Born: July 4, 1946 (age 68)
New York, New York
Nationality: American
Political party: Patriot Party

Kaylee Waters (1988 - 1992)

Children: Donovan Waters
Education: No College Education
Occupation: Lawyer, Politician
Religion: Atheist

Jacob A. Waters, born July 4, 1946 (Age 68) is the 44th President of the United States, and the first President-General of the United States. He is also the first Atheist President of the United States. Before his presidency, Waters was a United States Senator from New York, serving from 1988-2000. During his tenure as a Senator, Waters helped found the United States Patriot Party, a new party created with the sole purpose of opposing and eradicating communism in the world. He resigned from his position following the election of 2000, where he was elected to the presidency.

Waters never attended college. Instead, he enisted in the United States Marine Corps. at age eighteen in 1964, and fought during the Vietnam War, where he was shot in an ambush and sent home with the Purple Heart. During his career with the Patriot Party, he would state in numerous interviews that his deep-rooted hatred of communism and communists came from overseas, that the ghosts of his dead friends continued to haunt him even after his return home. 

Following his return to the states, Waters dabbled in politics, running for New York City Councilman as an Independent, but lost due to his religious views as an Atheist. He instead became a political activist, forming the Anti-Communist League of New York City and beginning a "campaign of patriotism" across the state. Though hampered by the anti-war, anti-establishment "hippie movement" of the 1960s, the league soon gained momentum, and Waters found himself a regional, then national celebrity.

In 1970, Waters was approached by several other political activists who wanted to forge the Anti-Communist League into a full-blown political party with Waters as President. Reluctant to step onto the stage as a third-party, Waters initially refused the men's request, but a few months later had a change of heart, and the Anti-Communist League of America became the Patriot Party of America. 

The new party was met with much success in its early days, as flocks of people flooded to stadiums to listen to Waters' speeches on anti-communism and pro-patriotism. In 1976, Waters ran for United States Senator of New York and won, defeating Patrick Moynihan and James Buckley in a landslide. The Patriot Party had a firm foothold in American politics. 

Senate Career

Senator Waters served as best he could, and his measures were approached with cheers and applause. He successfully outlawed New York's communist and socialist parties, and became an expert advisor to the President of the United States on matters of internal politics. He even initiated a "witch hunt" of sorts for hidden communists throughout America, however, Waters refused to allow the lives of innocents to be ruined, and kept a close watch over the investigations throughout the nation. It was his morality and incorruption that prevented the witch hunts of the 70s from turning into another McCarthy scandal. 

During the 1980s, Waters publicly criticized President Ronald Reagan's attempts to smooth relations with the Soviet Union. The New York Senator argued over radio and television that if the United States softened its attitude, then the Russians would use the lax policies as a political advantage and infiltrate the country's government. 

One of Waters' most controversial moments as a Senator came when a Reagan aide approached the press with a story that the Senator had attempted to bribe him to plant false evidence of secret weapons deals between the Reagan Administration and anti-Soviet protesters in Russia. The aide claimed that Waters wanted to destabilize both the Reagan presidency and the improving relations with the Soviets Union. Senator Waters denied the story and called for an investigation into the Reagan Administration. The House Investigations Committee uncovered startling audio tapes that pointed to Reagan indeed making illegal weapons deals. When the investigation turned to Waters, realizing the aide could have been correct and that the senator could have planted the tapes, Waters calmly replied with "It's his voice, isn't it?" 

Afterwards, government scientists concurred that the vocie was that of the president, and that it hadn't been altered. President Reagan issued statements proclaiming his innocence, and desperately attacked Senator Waters. However, his credibility had slid away, and Reagan lost to Walter Mondale in 1984. Senator Waters then used Reagan's involvement in the scandal to criticize America's government as being "corruptable and immoral", and more and more people flocked to his side and the side of the Patriot Party. 

President of the United States

In the election of 2000, Senator Waters announced his intent to run for president. He easily won his party's primary, and with the full support of his people, went on to the national stage. At the end of the election season, he had one the presidency with 293 electoral votes, more than enough to secure the White House, and became the 43rd President of the United States of America. He promised secruity amidst a growing tide of mistrust between the Soviet Union and

Election 2000 RedWorld

Election of 2000

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