John Bollinger "Jack" Davis (October 3, 1914 - February 14, 1991) was an American politician who served as US Senator for Pacifica from 1959 until 1989. A Nationalist, he became a key moderate and was his party's Whip from 1981 until 1989, when he retired. Prior to the Senate, Davis was Mayor of Sahalee from 1950-1958 and a State Representative from 1943 until his resignation to become mayor. He is the last Nationalist to serve as Mayor of Sahalee as of 2013. Sahalee-Davis International Airport, which is located in Wamash, was renamed in his honor in 1994, and the John B. Davis Law Library at the University of Pacifica was named in his honor in 2001 upon its construction, with his widow Frankie dedicating it.

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