Jack Davenport

Portrait of Jack Davenport

11th Prime Minister of the Republic of England
May 4, 2011-Present

Predecessor Hugh Grant

Labour Party Leader
November 10, 2010-Present

Predecessor Nick McDonald
Successor incumbent

Leader of the Opposition
November 10, 2010-May 3, 2011

Predecessor Nick McDonald
Successor Hugh Grant

Member of Parliament, Merton

Predecessor Roger Axfield
Successor incumbent
Born March 1, 1973 (aged 39)
Spouse Michelle Gomez Davenport
Political Party Labour Party
Profession Businessman

Jack Davenport (born 1 March 1973) is the current Prime Minister of England and leader of the Labour Party, having led Labour to the narrowest general election victory in the history of the English Republic in the 2011 English general election. Davenport is the youngest Prime Minister to ever take office and is, as of 2011, the youngest head of state or head of government in the world, assuming office at 38.

Prior to the Premiership, Davenport served as an MP from London's Merton borough, having won a special election in 2003 to replace the late Roger Axfield. He has been referred to as the "Kid Minister" or "England's Dick Van Dyke due to his youth, but since his emergence to national prominence as a part of Labour's Shadow Cabinet starting in 2006, has also been considered one of its most visible political figures and the figurehead of Labour's movement towards the center since its defeat in the 2005 and 2008 general elections, which peaked with Davenport's victory in the 2010 Labour leadership elections.