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Ivan Eduardovich Kantor
Иван Эдуардович Кантор
Timeline: Russian America

OTL equivalent: Eric Cantor

Eric Cantor, official 113th Congress photo portrait

Chairman of the State Duma
September 2012 – Present

Deputy of the State Duma from Tongass
2000 – Present

Born: June 6, 1963 (1963-06-06) (age 53)
Domovoy, Tongass, Alaska
Spouse: Diana Kantor
Political Party: Evergreens
Religion: Judaism
Profession: Lawyer

Ivan Kantor (Russian: Иван Кантор) is an Alaskan lawyer and politician from the governorate of Tongass. Kantor is the incumbent Chairman of the State Duma, while simultaneously serving as a deputy from Tongass' 7th congressional district. A member of the Evergreens, Kantor is socially conservative and fiscally liberal.

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