Ivan IV of Russia
Timeline: Tudor line

Ivan the Terrible (cropped)
Portrait of Ivan IV of Russia

Tsar of Russia
13 December 1533 - 16 January 1592

Predecessor Vasili III of Russia
Successor Ivan V
Born 25 August 1530
Kolomenskoye, Russia
Died 16 January 1592
Moscow, Russia
Tsarivna Anastasiya Romodanovsky
 Ivan IV 'The Whip on the Khans' of Russia was born on 25 August 1530 to Vasili III of Russia and his second wife Elena Glinskaya. This marriage was not recognized by the patriarch and thus there were claims early on in his reign. In 1535 the armies of the Kazan Khanate raid the Grand Duchy of Moscow. During this decade the Crimean Khanate and the Kazans made an offensive alliance. In 1536 when Ivan was de jure duke for a three years his uncle Yuri Ivanovich was put in prison for treason and next year Andrey of Staritsa died in prison too. In 1540 the Kazans and Crimeans attack Ivan IV who ask for the help of Qasim Khanate and together they push him backwards. This undermined the authority of Safa Giray, who led the Kazans. Following many anti-Safas appeared in the Kazan Khanate. In 1546 the regency ended and Ivan began supporting the overthrow, in 1550 he asked the Nogay Horde (who border him on the other side) to remain neutral in the upcoming war. In 1550 he also married Anastasiya Romodanovsky. In 1552 a rebellion started and the Russian army go into Kazan and overthrow Safa, Ivan declares himself the Kazan Tsar and soon he turns his forces against Crimea, which wants Safa back and in 1556  Ivan IV peaces out with some minor gains from the Crimea and he keeps Kazan. And in a quick surge he also destroys the Astrakhan Khanate, this makes khanates' trade with the Ottoman Empire impossible and in 1558 Suleiman the Magnificent noticed a problem with trade and asked for a passage throw Astrakhan, Ivan agrees under a very high tariff for a crossing, so most traders decide to take it across the sea instead. In 1559 after nine years of marriage he has a son who he also calls Ivan by his wife. In 1562 an attitude of rebellion started in all former Khanates and in 1563 the Mongol Rebellion broke out. During this time the Swedish Eric XIV asked for a betrothal between his son and Ivan's new daughter Elena, because many danish monarchs were pushing Christian III to invade and reunite the Kalmar Union, he said yes, but also that he will help only when the marriage will be official. In 1566 as he finally crushed the rebellion and Christian III finally gives to danish royal pushes and attacks Eric XIV, not knowing of a secret Swedish-Russian betrothal Ivan joins, though he claimed he will join only once the marriage would be official, thus the Kalmar War broke out. In 1570 the war ended with the Swedish victory and in 1571 Ivan had a son called Vasili. In 1573 Elena Glinskaya died and many people said that Ivan poisoned her for constantly pushing him to sack mongol advisers. In 1576 Kuchum of Siberian Khanate, who wanted to recreate the Golden Horde attacked Ivan and almost pushed to Moscow, but with a help from Sweden they gave them a fight to remember. Kuchum retreated and signed peace. In 1577 an attempted murder occurred making Ivan IV maimed, blaming it on the Siberian Khan, he asked Anthony, Metropolitan of Moscow for an orthodox crusade to the east. Anthony refused and in anger he banishes Anthony and makes himself the patrician, this send waves of hate throw out the Orthodox Church, every orthodox peasant is saying he is the anti-Christ and his Russia Church is the teaching of the devil. However in the end no crusade is called as yet another attack, this time really from Siberia completely blows Ivan's foot off. Soon this wound caused him to be bedridden. In 1580 he sent Elena to be married to the future king of Sweden. In 1582 a regency was declared and Ivan V becomes the de facto ruler at the age of 23. In 1583 he saw his son declaring war on Kuchum and taking his land. Ivan didn't however wanted to die yet, he knew Ivan was inexperienced and feared another invasion, so he lived until an illness killed him in 1592.