Ivan Edmarovsky

Portrait of Ivan Edmarovsky

14th Premier of Alaska
January 1, 1975 - September 17, 1979

Predecessor Aleksey Pushkin
Successor Aleksey Valenko

6th Leader of Liberal Party

Predecessor Konstantin Sarugin
Successor Gregoriy Faustin

President of the Duma

Predecessor Roman Rozalenko
Successor Sergey Subotov

Duma Representative for 11th Constituency

Predecessor Roman Filipov
Successor Vyacheslav Gorokin
Born October 7, 1911
Spouse Olga Edmarovskya
Political Party Liberal Party
Profession Lawyer, Academician, Politician

Ivan Sergeyevich Edmarovsky (Russian: Иван Сергеевич Эдмаровский) (7 October 1911 - 14 January 1994) was an Alaskan politician, lawyer and academician. A longtime champion of the liberal cause in Alaska, Edmarovsky was an "Old Guard" progressive and had long been one of the great power brokers in the mid-20th century left-wing coalition. Following the December 13, 1974 death of Premier Aleksey Pushkin, Edmarovsky was considered the left's foremost choices to succeed him over two moderate candidates and was easily elected in the January 1, 1975 special election as Premier and survived the March 10 general election called by a multipartisan accord to make the selection official.

Despite over four years in power, Edmarovsky's policies were routinely blocked by moderates within his own coalition and the conservatives, and his coalition collapsed in the general election called after the 1979 financial crisis with the defection of the Moderates to form a coalition with the conservatives.