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Mexico is a nation that has long been attributed to conflict, drug cartels and violence. This is most notable in Mexico's history. Ever since achieving independence from Spain, Mexico has gone through multiple changes in its government. Not only that but Mexico has had a period of losing land either to secessionists or due to war (mostly with the United States).

One of the major leaders toward independence was a man by the name of Agustín de Iturbide, who led the Mexican insurgents to victory and ultimately became the first Emperor of Mexico. However many republicans within Mexico were angered with Iturbide for being Emperor and he was overthrown after only of year of him being Emperor and a republic was established.

What many people don't realize is that Iturbide was previously as Loyalist. During the early stages of the Mexican War of Independence, Iturbide fought for the Spanish crown to keep Mexico Spanish. He eventually switched sides to support the rebels and eventually became Emperor of Mexico.

But what if Iturbide hadn't switched sides? What if he continued to fight for Spain and managed to crush the rebels in 1821? What if Mexico continued to remain under Spanish rule for some odd years? How would the North American continent look? What would the world be like had there been Iturbide's Betrayal?

Point of Divergence

The date was August 3, 1821, Juan O'Donojú sends a letter to a rebel leader by the name of Agustin Iturbide. This letter invited Iturbide to a conference in a location of his choosing. Iturbide chose to have the meeting in the city of Córdoba. O'Donojú, accompanied by Colonel Antonio López de Santa Anna, arrived there on August 23, and the following day the meeting occurred. They reached agreement, however before anyone could sign it a group of Spanish troops burst into the building and kill O'Donojú and Santa Anna. All of the men attending the meeting lye dead on the floor of the room, except for Iturbide. He had no intention on signing the treaty, for his loyalty remained with Spain.

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