In this timeline, Italy unifies during the 15th and early 16th centuries, why? The Borgia family, who took power through the papacy in 1492, always aspired for the Italian throne, and came close to it. However Pope Alexander VI's (Rodrigo Borgia's) death in 1503 put a stop to that and ended the dynasty, but what if Alexander had lived, say, for about another ten years, how different would Italian and world history be today?


- Pope Alexander VI lives until 1513

- Giovanni Borgia survives a supposed assassination attempt in 1497

- Ulster rebels in 1578 establishing a small independent Kingdom in Ireland to rival England

- Queen Elizabeth I of England marries and has children

- Denmark manages to remain the dominate power in Scandinavia

- The Confederacy wins there independence from the United States

- WW1 and WW2 last much more longer

- King Louis XVI manages to quell rebellion in France and create a constitutional monarchy

- The Imperialist age continues on even into the 21st century

- The War on terror is much more extreme

- Empires of Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Japan and China do not collapse

- Gran Colombia still exists and is an Constitutional monarchy

- Kingdom of Hawaii still exists


Timeline (Italy rises again!)

Nations (Italy rises again!)

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