Before the War

in 1882 Italy signed a treaty with Germany and Austria-Hungary for a military Alliance against France and Russia. the next year, the Kingdom of Romania secretly joins in with this "Triple Alliance". in 1902, after some years of little cooperation between Italy and the rest of the Triple Alliance, the Germans call the Monarchs, Prime Ministers, and top Military commanders of the member states to renew the Alliance. the results were that if Italy were to help the Triple Alliance win a war against France or Russia, that Italian lands in the Austrian Empire would be given to them, and that the French City of Nice and its surrounding area would become Italian. also, the French Colony of Tunisia would be annexed by Italy.

Turkish-Italian War

The War starts

In august 1914, when Russia and France were Declared war on by the German and Austro-Hungarian Empires, Italy and Romania kept their word. though some Italian politicians believed that the Triple Alliance was a defensive alliance, and that they were not obligated to join since the Germans and Austrians had done the offensive of declaring war. however, these politicians were in no position to stop the King and his generals from joining the War.


Western Front

in early august of 1914 the Italian Army invaded southeast France. victories at the Durane Valley and Antibes enabled the Italian Army to advance as far as Valence and Bourg-En-Bresse. Nice was captured on August 29 1914. the Italian and German Armies linked up after the Germans forced the French from the Alsace. the capture of Paris was halted by the Allied victory in the first Battle of the Marne, which eventually led to trench system that resulted in a war of attrition over the next few years.

Balkin Front

in September 1914, a 75,000 strong Italian force launched a sea-coast invasion of Montenegro, right around the time that Austria-Hungary was attacking Serbia from the north and Romania was invading from the northeast.



bolt-action, 6 rd. capacity

Italian M1870 Vetterli

bolt-action, single shot

Italian M70/87 Vetterli

bolt-action, four rd. capacity

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