Republic of Italy
Republica Italiana (Italian)
Timeline: Napoleon's World

OTL equivalent: Southern Italy
Flag of the Italian Republic (1802)
Flag of Italy
Capital Rome
Largest city Rome
Other cities Palermo
Language Italian
Government Parliamentary Republic
President Carlo Verdone
Prime Minister Mario Draghi
Area 158,416 km²
Population 43,000,000 
Established 1978
Currency Italian lira, French franc
Calling Code +39
Internet TLD .it
Organizations CIC

The Republic of Italy (Republica Italiana) is a European nation consisting of the southern two thirds of the Italian peninsula as well as the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. The Republic of Italy was formed in 1978 with the Secularization Act, which granted secular authority to the Papal States and divided the church and the state. This was immediately followed by the Vatican Act, which established a separate state within Rome where the Catholic Church was the national authority, and within months the independent republics of Sicily and Sardinia had been annexed into the new, secular Italian nation. Italy's capital is Rome, and it has a population of approximately 43,000,000. Italy is a parliamentary republic, with a largely formal Presidency currently occupied by Carlo Verdone and a Prime Minister as the head of the Parliament of Italy, currently held by Mario Draghi of the majority National Alliance-Christian Democracy coalition.

The "Florentine Line" is the name often given to its populous border region with the French Empire, due to the border dividing the city in effectively in two. Italy is a member of the French-led CIC, although it is not nearly as closely aligned with French authority as states such as Ireland, Denmark, Spain or Morocco are.