The Italian Republic (Italy) is a central European Country, known for leaving the European Union on July 6th 2005 as a result of the H5N1Z virus. Its Prime Minister is Silvio Berlusconi, and has led the Government now on three occasions in Italy: 1994-1995, 2001-2006 and since the 2007 snap Election. The Government quoted poor management and slow response to the crisis by the European Union as its reasons for leaving its membership, however political commentators also believe refugee and asylum seekers, particularly from France and an increase from North Africa choosing to avoid Spain among other national issues effected the decision. It now holds a status not unlike Switzerland in terms of relations with the European Union, although moods towards Italy is often cloudy.

In relation to the infection, Italy has coped relatively well. Like Germany it holds a border with France, one of the 3 major effected Countries destroyed by the virus but has managed by taking a similar course of action by blocking the entire border and making excessive checks on all human transportation. Unlike Germany however, it has often turned down people coming across the border, believing them to be an unnecessary drain to Italy's resources although has had a harder time attempting to reject those that come via a sea route.

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