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Impero Italiano
Italian Empire
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Flag of Italy (1861-1946) crowned
Flag of Italy

Per marciare agli oceani (Italian)
("To march to the oceans")

(and largest city)
Language Italian
Religion Christian
Ethnic Group Italians
Dictator Carlo Scorza
Currency ITL (Italian Lira)

Italy (also known as Italian Empire or sometimes Kingdom of Italy) was a fascist dictatorship nation, situated in southern Europe and having its own possessions in Africa and Russia.

Greater Italia

The "Greater Italia" plan was initiated when Benito Mussolini took over the throne. The plan represents partial restoration of Roman Empire. Even though Benito did not really care about restoring it, he thinks that this is a good justification of a war against the nations. The plan has been changed many times since 1936, as many of the nations were joining Axis Powers.


From the second Italian Empire republic, until 1955 it was ruled by Benito Mussolini.

From 1955 to 1957 it was ruled by Pietro Badoglio. From 1956 he got seriously ill, and it was known that he would die in a few years. In 1957, he has died from cancer.

Currently, from 1957, Italy is ruled by Carlo Scorza.

Possible successor is Aldo Vidussoni (member of National Fascist Party of Italy).


It's holdings were:


  • Recognized territory - a territory, which is officially accepted by all(sometimes just majority) world nations, to belong to a specific nation.
  • Annexed - incorporated into a country
  • Sub-recognized territory - a territory, which is officially accepted by all world's major powers.
  • Occupied - seized and controlled by a foreign country
  • (r) - part of former Roman Empire


The Italian economy was very prosperous, as it was a slave state. Russians were also included into the slave program, as well as British people.

Italy exported a lot of bottled water, canned food and sand.

It imported a lot of iron, lumber and oil from other nations.

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