Union of the Kingdom of Italy and the States of the Church
Unione del Regno d'Italia e lo Stato della Chiesa
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OTL equivalent: Italy, Corsega, Malta, San Marino, Vatican
ItalianConfederacyFlag2 ItalianConfederacyCoA2
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Italy

Re e il Papa in un paese (Italian)
("King and Pope in one country")

Anthem "Marcia Reale d'Ordinanza (Royal March of Ordinance)"
Capital Florence(Italy), Rome(Papal States)
Largest city Venice
Language Italian
Religion Roman Catholic
Demonym Italian
Government Dual Monarchy ruled by a single Parliament
  legislature Florence Parliament (House of the Senate, Chambers of Deputies)
King of Italy Vittorio Emanuelle IV
  Royal house: Savoy
Pope of the Catholic Church Benedict XVI
Established Proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy: 1815

Union with the Papal States: 1823

Currency Italian Lire
Organizations United Nations
Italy is nation established of the union of the Kingdom of Sardinia (proclaimed Italy) and the Papal States, which now both are under a single Parliament and present themselves as one of the potencies of Europe.