Italian Republic
Repubblica Italiana
Timeline: Federalist Italy

OTL equivalent: Italy (without South Tyrol), Coastal–Karst (Slovenia), Istrian Peninsula, Tunisia, westernmost Egypt, most of Somalia, Ethiopia, Albania and Eritrea
Flag of Italy Emblem of Italy
Flag Coat of Arms
Map of Italy (Federalist Italy)
Location of Italy
(and largest city)
Language Italian
Religion Catholic
Demonym Italians
Government presidential federal republic
President Giorgio Napolitano
Vice-president Enrico Letta
Established 1861
Currency Lira

Italy, known as Italian Federal Republic is a nation in Europe.


Italy was born as Sardinia and annexed various countries in the Italian peninsula.


Italy States map

Italian States

Italy is a federal republic, with its regions having an American state-like autonomy. The president has the judical (given by the Deputies' Chamber), executive (given by the Senate) and legislative power (given by the Constitution); and is elected directly by the people. The president's mandate lasts 4 years.


Coat of Arms of Italy (Federalist Italy)

Mainland Italian emblem.

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