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The Italian invasion of Albania was a conflict between Yugoslavia and Albania vs Italy. It started when Italy began an invasion of Albania in August 1958 and at first the Italians was successful. However, within a week Yugoslavia sent 400,000 men to defeat the invasion. This conflict was part of World War III. This war caused Yugoslavia being dragged into the 3rd World War.


In 1957 World War III broke out between the Soviet Union and his allies vs USA and there allies. At that time Italy was part of American allies and Yugoslavia and Albania was part of Russian allies and they all aided there leader. For years Yugoslavia had been trying to annex Albania and that meany that they were close in Albanian affairs.

Historians call that the Italian invasion of Albania and it was about increasing Italy's power in the Balkans or stopping.

The first weeks

On the 1st August 1958 Italian forces landed on the coast of Albania. With Albania not expecting it, the coast wasn't protected and it easily fell under Italian control. With the invasion being so sudden, Albania didn't get help from any Communist nations. Within a few weeks Italy was here to stay in Albania.

Yugoslavian intervention

When Tito first heard the news of the Italian invasion of Albania, it was a few weeks into the invasion. He demanded that 400,000 troops would march over the Yugoslavian-Albanian border to help their ally. Tito also invited other Communist nations to help Albania. He also began blocking the way for any Italian ships coming to aid the invasion.

End of August-1959

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