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Repubblica Italiana
Italian Republic
Timeline: Apocalypse: 2012

OTL equivalent: Northern Italy
Flag of Italy Emblem of Italy
Flag Coat of Arms
Italian Republic (AP2012)
Location of Repubblica Italiana
Anthem "Brothers of Italy"
(and largest city)
Other cities Savona, Aosta, Florence, Perugia, Ancona, Venice, Brescia, Trento and Udine
  others French, German, Ladin, Slovenian and Croatian
  others Islam
Ethnic Groups
  others European, Arab and African
Demonym Italian
Government Parliamentary and unitary republic
  legislature Italian parliament
President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella
President of the Council Enrico Letta
Area 160.908 km²
Population 32.739.172 
Established 2nd June 2012
Independence from Italy
  declared 22th December 2012
Currency Euro
Time Zone +1
Internet TLD .it

The Italian Republic is a survivor state in Europe, it was founded the 2nd of June of 2013, after the proclamation of independence and sovereignty by the Italian parliament at Turin. 


In North-West Italy the sensible object was Turin, Genoa and La Spezia, for luckily the missile who was launched for hit Turin missed the object and fall info the sea. The president of the region don't know was happened, after a week many refugees and some military units arrived in Piedmont, bringing the news of the destruction of Milan, Genoa, La Spezia and other important cities in Northern Italy. 

Immediately the president of the region declared the martial law and closed the borders between the near regions and with French, except for the Valle d'Aosta-Piedmont borders, also rationed the food. 

After two months from the nuclear apocalypse the president Rota, at Palace Carignano, historical palace of the Subalpine parliament have declare the independence from Italy and it have declare their own sovereign. It was also created the Italian parliament, after this it was also chosen the old constitution of Italy as constitution of the Italian Republic and it was chosen the tricolor and the old emblem of Italy as that for the new republic. 

As 1st president of the council it was nominated Sergio Chiamparino by Rota, Chiamparino it have increase the remain sanitary system, road system and the agriculture production, it have also started expeditions in the near regions hit and under his mandate the region Valle d'Aosta was united at the republic. 

Rosarno immigrati 22

Group of African and Arab immigrants who fight the militia of San Siro.

From this expeditions it was knowing the real destruction of the Atomic bombs. Genoa and La Spezia have survive, but with a heavily hit population, only 150,000 live in Genoa when a unit of the Italian Army enter in the City, they have survive thanks at his port and ships, in La Spezia only 50,000 live in the city after the explosion of the atomic missile. With the help of the Italian Republic the electricity was restored in both cities, it was also created a hospital for cure the population and a Militia in both cities.

Milan was in worst condition, it was damaged heavily by the atomic fire and by the fight between African and Arab immigrants again the remain of the Police with the help of some Italian Nationalist and neo-Fascist, in many quarters city-states were founded, several of this city-state was run by Imam, self-proclaimed "Duce" or King, criminals or other scum. One of the most stable of this cities was in the 7th municipality of Milan with 10,000 inhabitants and the most wasted municipality of Milan, it was run by the local tenent of the Carabinieri in an authoritarian law. 

After the deposte of Lt. Borghese from the leadership of the city-state it was elected Marco Bestetti as mayor of the free city of San Siro. The Italian Army had training and created a militia to protect the citizens of San Siro. The borders of San Siro have expanded since the arrive of the Italian Army. 

In spring the Italian Army explore the rest of the Lombardy and the rest of the Ligure, each region was with tiny damage and the radiations don't arrive in much point, after a referendum of decide if joined or not the two regions have decide to united there at the Italian Republic.

The 2nd June of the 2013 the Italian Parliament declare the Italian republic as full sovereign republic and true successor of Italy.

In the same year the republic have make contact with Sardinia, who now is part of the Mediterranean Republic, the Italian Republic have try several time of asked at Sardinia and Sicily if they wanna joined at there. But the answer was not in any case. 

After this the Mediterranean Republic have established an embassy in Turin and the Italian Republic a consulate in Cagliari, the two nations have friendly relations.

After some months of stability and growing the republic exploring the rest of the North and discovered the region Venetia and Friuli hit, Venetia was hit with Padua and Verona, in the Friuli was hit Triest and Aviano. The Trentino Alto-Adige was spared and the region has maintained order and stability until the arrive of the Italian Army, when the three region of Venetia, Friuli and Trentino Alto-Adige united at the Republic, in the same year the region Emilia-Romagna was annexed at the republic.

In central Italy no one city was attack otherwise then Rome, in the 2014 after some expeditions Tuscany, Umbria and Marche become regions of the Italian Republic, and there with Piedmont, Tuscany, Umbria, Marche, Valle d'Aosta and Trentino are the most undamaged regions.

Sergio Chiamparino it have resigned from his charge of president of the council the 15th May of 2015, it was nominated Enrico Letta as the new president of the council, in 2016 also Cota have resign from is charge of president of the republic, it was elected Sergio Mattarella as the new president of the republic. 

Now the Italian Republic is one of the most stable and powerful state in Italy.

Administrative structure 

The republic is divided info 11 regions, 64 province and 5115 communes. Every region has its own capital (In it. Capoluogo), is own president, elected every five years by universal suffrage, the president nominates the prefect, is in charge of a province, and in the commune there is a mayor, elected every five years by universal suffrage, each commune is composed by a communal junta, who administrated the commune, the most great commune of the Italian Republic is Turin. 

Regions :

  1. Piedmont : Turin 
  2. Lombardy : Brescia 
  3. Liguria : Imperia 
  4. Valle d'Aosta : Aosta 
  5. Trentino Alto-Adige : Trento 
  6. Veneto : Venice 
  7. Emilia-Romagna : Reggio Emilia 
  8. Friuli Venezia-Giulia : Udine 
  9. Tuscany : Florence 
  10. Umbria : Perugia 
  11. Marche : Ancona 

Form of government 

The nation is a unitary and parliamentary republic, based on the constitution of the Italian Republic.

The Legislative power is in attributed at the Parliament for national laws.

The Executive power is attributed at the government in case of national laws and affairs.

The Judicial power is attributed to the Magistrature of the Republic, and is in all the republic.

The President is elected every seven years by the Parliament in common sedute, the elected should be citizens of the republic, having 40 years and it can be elected for two mandates only.

The Prime Minister is nominated by the Parliament every five years, the elected should be a citizen of the republic, having 30 years and it can be nominate for three mandates only.

The Parlamento (In English Parliament) is the national parliament of the republic, is elected every ten years by universal suffrage and is reunited in Turin, the parliament is composed of the Camera dei Deputati and by the Senato it has in total 215 members.

  • Camera dei Deputanti : 100
  • Senato : 115 

The main party of the Parliament are (From left to right) : 

  1. Partito Democratico : 50/215 

    The Parliament in common sedute.

  2. Movimento 5 Stelle : 40/215 
  3. Nuovo Centro Destra : 40/215
  4. Forza Italia : 50/215
  5. Lega Nord : 10/215
  6. Fratelli d'Italia : 25/215 


The economy of the republic is mainly based on the industry, fishing, energy, agriculture, tourism and mining, but also in the third sector and the second sector. 

From a recent statistic of the ISTAT at least 30% of the population works in the first sector, 30% in the second sector and 40% in the third sector.

The main economic partners of the republic are Switzerland, San Marino, Monaco, Republic of the Mediterranean, Slovenia, Croatia, and Austria.


The Forze Armate della Repubblica Italiana (In English Armed Forces of the Italian Republic) provide for the security of the borders, of the republic and in case of war the defense of the republic, also since the foundation of the UN the armed forces have participated at several humanitarian missions. 

Divisions : 

  1. Esercito Italiano (Italian Army) : 100,000 military 
  2. Marina Militare Italiana (Italian Navy) : 40,000 military
  3. Aeronautica Militare Italiana (Italian Air Force) : 45,000 military 
  4. Arma dei Carabinieri (Arm of the Carabinieri) : 100,000 military
  5. Guardia di Finanza (Financial Guard) : 50,000 military

Intern Security

The Polizia di Stato (In English Police of State) provide for the security of the citizens of the republic, also they guard the borders, public order and security and also the patrol of the road, also the Carabinieri and the Financial Guard helps the Police in some cases.

Divisions :

  1. Polizia di Stato (Police of State) : 45,000 policemen
  2. Arma dei Carabinieri (Arm of the Carabinieri) : 100,000 military
  3. Guardia di Finanza (Financial Guard) : 50,000 military

International relations 

The republic is a sovereign country with full independence, the republic has many embassies around the world and it have good relations with many European states, but also with the South American states and with some African states, other than this the republic is one of the most powerful republics in Italy.

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