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Location of Ethiopia on african international map.

Italian Ethiopia refers to as Ethiopia between 1937 to 1941 and from 1952 to present. It is currently annexed by Italian Empire.

Ethiopia is an important strategic country because it is surrounded by many nations and is a center of their trade. In the north-east african region, Italian Ethiopia seconds to Italian Egypt in economical influence.

Italian Ethiopia is considered to be the biggest labour camp region of Italian Empire since 1953.

Although the birth rate of Italian Ethiopia is huge, the death rate is also very high, because of the killings by violent italian blackshirts.



According to 1951 Census of Ethiopia, the population of Italian Ethiopia was 21,592,193.

According to 1958 Census of Ethiopia, the population of Italian Ethiopia was 21,293,103.

Party Support

Ethiopians have no right to vote for anything at all.

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