Italian Empire
File:Fascist Italy flag.jpg

Dark green represents Italy proper; light green its territories

Official language Italian
Capital Rome
Largest Cities Rome: 3,400,000
Milan: 1,500,000
Naples: 1,000,000
Population 65,000,000 in Italy proper; over 150,000,000 in territories
Nation formed March 17, 1861
Currency Italian Lira (LI)

King Vittorio Emanuele IV

Duce Umberto Bossi

Our Timeline Equivalent All of Italy plus Corsica, part of Croatia, and a small section of Southeastern France including Nice. Territories include Greece, most of the former Yugoslavia, Crete, Cyprus, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Ethiopia, and Somalia

The Italian Empire is a fascist dictatorship centered in Italy and stretching across Europe and Africa. It serves as a direct successor to the Kingdom of Italy, founded in 1861 but changed drastically by a fascist coup led by Benito Mussolini in 1922. After emerging victorious as a major Axis Power in World War Two, Italy has maintained a large, powerful, and impressive global empire, albeit one far overshadowed by those of Germany and Japan.

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