First Stage

The new monarch will step into St Peters Basilica, he or she will be dressed in an uniform covered in medals and jewellery. He or she will have a royal gown which they will wear as they walk down the aisle to his or her throne. Once there he or she will sit on the throne as the Pope emerges.

Second Stage

The Pope will announce "Are you (monarchs name), willing to accept the oath and swear to protect your subjects and the Constitution" (the constitution phrase only was adapted in 1808 after the signing of the Italian constitution). The Monarch will then say "I am willing" the pope will say "Then do you (monarchs name) swear to keep the Holy crown sacred" Monarch: "I do" Pope: "Will you swear to protect your country and your subjects" Monarch: "I do" Pope: "Do you swear to reign as long as you see fit" Monarch: "I do" Pope: "And do you swear to up hold the principles of the Italian Constitution (added in 1808) Monarch: "I do".

Third Stage

The Pope will then reach for the Sovereign orb and place it in the monarchs right hand, then reach for the sovereign staff and place it in the left hand, and finally place the royal crown on the monarchs head, the Pope will then announce "I pronounce you King/Queen (Monarchs name) of Italy and of its people, God bless you" there will then be an roar from the royal choir of "God Save the King/Queen" several times as the newly crowned monarch walks down the aisle with the Pope following behind, the people will then bow or curtsy as the monarch walks out the door, the coronation is complete.

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