Map of the Italain Possesions of the Caribbean (ICA)
In OTL Italy was never able to maintain colonies in the New World although they had many opportunities to do so. Tuscany came one step away from establishing a colony, even having a advance party scout it out. The Knights of Malta colonized a portion of the Caribbean with French help until it could no longer afford the cost of maintaining it. The nation of Venice had a navy 3000 ships strong and was one of the richest nations in Europe. It also invented the deep water galleon which became the ship of choice in the new world. Republic of Genoa, Venice’s arch rival was able to profit from loans to the Spanish Empire in order to fund colonization. The loans reached the extent that Spanish ships carrying silver went directly to Genoa after the New World in order to settle debts.

Imagine if Italian nations had seized these opportunities. The New World was full of opprutunities, that being one of the reason that settlement began. What would the effect on the World Map be? How would this infulance the actions of other nations? Would would the Italian cultural presence be in the New World? That is what Italian Colonial America will explore.

Point of Divergence

In our timeline in 1608 Fernando I of Tuscany commissioned an expedition of English explorer Robert Thornton to South America hoping to establish a Tuscan Colony. Thornton explored the Guiana region, scouting out a place near modern day Cayenne for a colony. After Thornton returned back to Tuscany, he discovered Fernando was dead having died on February 16, 1609. Thornton then proceeded to gather settlers from Livorno and Lucca with plans to embark in the summer of 1609, until Cosimo II of Tuscany, Fernando's son scrapped the expedition. In this timeline Fernando survives placing more of an emphasis on colonialism.

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