The Great Army of Italy and Venice
Magna exercitus Italia et Venetiis
Timeline: Venice-Italian Supremacy
Headquarters: Rome, Special Province of Rome
Commander-in-Chief: Doge Vittorio V
Minister: Alberto Romagno
Commander: Humberto Napolitanae
Branches: Exercitus Regali (Royal Army), Regia Navigium (Royal Navy), Exercitus Aeris Realis (Royal Air Army)
Active personnel: 100,000,000
Reserve personnel: 50,000,000
Annual budget: 100 Billions Italian Lires
Founded in: 1550
Reorganized in : 1800
Supplying countries: French Empire, Austro-Germanic Confederation, Russian Empire
Annual arms exports: 100 000

The Italian Armed Forces are the current defence army, they avoid external interferences. It's the major helper to keep peace through the Italian League for Peace.

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