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Issac Gabriël van Janssen
Timeline: Atlantic Islands

Portrait of

1st Prime Minister of Cabecia
August 1876 – 1884

Predecessor Franklin Coleman
Successor Edward Hutchinson
Born January 5th, 1831
ColonialDutchAzoresFlag Gronden, Dutch Azores
Died November 26th, 1909 (aged 78)
AzoresDominionFlag Cabecia City, Cabecia
Spouse Aleid Boer
Political Party      Cabecian Conservative Party
Profession Naval captain, Prime Minister

Issac Gabriël van Janssen (April 26th, 1837 – June 7th, 1904) was a Dutch Azorian-born Dutch politician and the first Prime Minister of the Dominion of Cabecia. Originally a captain in the Cabecian Navy, Janssen gave up his position after Franklin Coleman was elected Governor-General of Cabecia. He was known widely for his leadership in overthrowing of Coleman's government in the Cabecian Civil War. His controversial actions he had made in the Civil War made many believe he was a terrorist, however his work to end segregation in Cabecia made him a Cabecian hero.


Early life

Cabecian Civil War

Prime minister


Personal life


Portrait of Issac with his newlywed wife, Aleid

Later life and death