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The nation of Israel is a small country on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It broke away from the British Empire in an uprising conducted by its Jewish population following the Yellowstone Eruption. Israel is a constitutional republic. It is bordered by the Mediterranean to the west, and the various Arab tribes and states to the north, east and south.



Israel is the birthplace of two major world religions: Judaism and Christianity. And is home to an important location for a third: Islam. This intermingling has lead to conflicts throughout history, including the Crusades of the Middle Ages. Prior to 1919, the region was under the control of the Ottoman Empire, and then became part of the British Empire after its defeat in World War I. Since then, many Jews have returned to their holy land since the Islamic Ottomans have been ousted.


Like Europe and Asia, Israel was unaffected by the Yellowstone Eruption for the first days after, but the sky was then blocked by a layer of thick, volcanic ash. Temperatures in the region plummeted, and the Dead Sea freezes over that winter. Thousands die from exposure due to their unpreparedness for a sudden winter in the desert region.

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