Six-Day War Global (Nations;Israel) Map of United Israel

six-day war: Global (nations;Israel) United Israel

Israel (six-day war-global) country flag

Israel (six-day war-global) country flag

Population: 15 million

Capital: New Jeursalem 

Land Area: 1230043.99 square miles

Largest city: Mecca (Former Saudi Arabia)


The Northern Part of The United Republic of Israel or "Israel" had been turned to a nuclear waste land after the first nuclear weapons were exchanged between The Soviet Union and the former Israeli state. Following the First Wave came a Second and Third Wave of attacks between the World Super Powers, Soviet Union and United States of America(and their allies). This lead to a world in Chaos. Billions had died from the radation clouds and the intial blasts. The dead included politicians, scientist and Doctors who died treating the wounded. Many Saudi and their allies cities were nuked by soviet missiles. This was due to the Soviet Unions scorched Earth policy. They did not want any competion after the exchange of weapons. The great plague also swept through the middle east, killing millions. The origin of the plague is unknown, yet scientist know that it was man-made.