Flag of Israel

Israel is a Middle-Eastern nation, it is newly formed in 1947 and is the only nation with Judaism as state religion.

Israel's position in the world

Israel was a regional power before WW-III and got into several conflicts with his neighbors. After WW-III Israel established itself as a leading power in the new world (although it doesn't really cares about international affairs) together with the SAF and Oceania. It got into two conflicts which it both won. It recently annexed Jordania and puppeted Egypt.

Israel's Army

600.000 soldiers 

  • 100.000 active and
  • 500.000 reserve
    • Main Battle Weapons:
      • L1A1 Self Loading Rifle (Main Battle Rifle)
      • M-16 (Main Battle Rifle)
      • L9A1 Browning High Powered (Side Arm)
      • Parker Hale M82 (Sniper Rifle)
      • Owen Gun (Submachine Gun)
      • Carl Gustav (Recoilless Rifle)
      • M60 (General Purpose Machine Gun)
      • FN MAG 58 (General Purpose Machine Gun)
      • M79 (Grenade Launcher)
      • Ordnance ML 3 Inch (Mortar)

500 Magach tanks,

1500 armored vehicles,

5000 transport vehicles

Israel's Navy

20.000 men

  • 12.000 active,
  • 6000 reserve and
  • 2000 coast guard

We have 50 small battleships, 20 big battle ships and ten submarines.

Israel's Air force

2700 men 

500 pilots,

1000 support staff and

1200 mechanics

390 planes,

150 Shahak's,

100 Sambad's

50 Sud Aviation S.O 4050 Vautor's

50 Dassoult Ouragan's

40 Ayit's

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