Unified States of Israel

  Timeline: Indeed a different world  OTL equivalent: State of Israel ,Jordan, Sinai, Golan Heights
Flag of Israel

(and largest city):

Other cities: Tel Aviv, Haifa, Amman, Gaza City


  others: Russian,Amharic


  others: Islam(11%),Christian(2%)
Type of govermnet: parliamentary republic until 1977, from 1977 Constitutional Federal Presidential Republic
Demonym: Israeli
Currency: new shekel
Population: 23,000,000(estimated )
Independence: 1948

Israel, officially the Unified States of Israel is a federal republic in Western Asia, on the south-eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It shares land borders with Lebanon in the north, Syria in the northeast, Iraq on the east, and Egypt to the south, and it contains geographically diverse features within its relatively small area. In its Basic Laws Israel defines itself as a Jewish and Democratic State; it is the world's only Jewish-majority state. Gained Independence in 1948 as The State of Israel it was originally a Parliamentary Republic until the 1977 reforms which it had did in order to proper govern its big territorial gains in the Third Israel's War (1967-1971).it decided to copy the American Way in order to give the diverse population a way to support the country. From 1977 Israel contains six countries as written in the Constitution(The coastal plain State,the Northen State,the Negev state, Sinai State,East Jordan state,and West Jordan State) are which all are governed by the Federal system and Israel's basics law (such as having local elections and the IDF is the Sole military who protects these lands). The Country had successfully kept itself as a Jewish majority in the  states by carefully giving Jewish across the World an Israeli citizenship and giving a first attention to Jewish as many Families in the States wants to become Jewish. While initially it was hard to keep this States Together, they are now working Together without racism in most citizens Apart from a small number of extremists on both sides. Israel now tries to rebuild from the Third World War. Unlike many countries in the west, Israel has a very high number of children compared to the overall population although almost all the population is secular (83%). It is customary in the Israeli population to bring many children.

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