State of Israel
Timeline: [[Great Salum]]
Flag of Israel Emblem of Israel
Flag Coat of Arms
Map of Israel
Location of Israel

While yet within your heart, our Jewish souls are singing

Anthem "The Hope (Hatikvah)
Hatikvah instrumental
Capital Tel Aviv-Yafo
Largest city Tel Aviv-Yafo
Language English, Hebrew
Religion Judaism
Ethnic Groups
  others Arab, European, Asian, Druze, Assyrian, Kurdish
Demonym Israeli
Government Zionist-Capitalist Government
Population 9,430,321 
Independence from Great Britain
  declared May 1946
Currency Israeli New Shekel
Time Zone Tel Aviv Standard Time
The State of Israel is a country located in the Middle East. It borders Syria to the north, Jordan to the east and Egypt to the west in the Sinai Peninsula. The Red Sea, and the Gulf of Aqaba are the main lakes border and in Israel. It is identified as a Jewish Democratic State and is the only Jewish country in the world.

Without Palestinian intervention then in our timeline, Israel declared independence from Great Britain in 1946 before Britain went into civil war. It was once a British colony known as the British Mandate of Eretz Israel in which the Jewish Agency for Palestine declared that the State of Israel should live on in life. Israel after independence was forced to go to war with Arab Nations. Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria went to war with Israel to liberate what Arabs call Palestinians with support from Cuba and the Soviet Union. Israel won all the wars with these nations but it is clearly unknown about another war or maybe a war of independence by Palestinians.

Israel occupies the Palestinian Territories, the Golan Heights, the Sinai Peninsula (from 1967-1989) and the West Bank. It's capital city is Tel Aviv-Yafo which is where Israel hosted the Summer Olympics in 1984 in where Israel was in 2nd place for the most medals while the United States was in first place. Israel had over 624 athletes participating. Tel Aviv-Yafo is home to many committees in sports, politics, acting, military and more. Other cities such as Bethlehem and Haifa have been cooperative with Israel's policy of peace. Israel (Along with Iran) is also a part of the European Olympic Committees.

Israel has the highest stand in living in the Middle East and in 3rd place in Asia. Many ethnic groups live in Israel such as Palestinians, Israeli Jews, Soviet Jews, Druze, Asian Jews, Sangheili Jews, Assyrians, African Jews, Arabian Jews and many more. High life expectancy in Israel as well as having the 43rd largest economy in the world.