מדינת ישראל‎
State of Israel
دَوْلَة إِسْرَائِيل
Flag of Israel
Official languages Hebrew, Arabic
Capital Jerusalem
President Shimon Peres
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
State Ideology Zionism, Capitalism
Territories Israel, Palestine, Sinai
Population 9,000,000
Establishment 1948
Currency Shekel

The State of Israel is a State in the Middle East created jointly by both America and Russia after World War II, as a homeland for the Jewish people in light of the Holocaust.

The Cyprus Missile Crisis (Atlantic Iron Curtain)

There was controversy when the USA put nuclear missiles on Cyprus, effectively making it capable of striking anywhere in Europe and the Middle east

The Twelve-Day War

On June 5 Israel sent almost all of its planes on a pre-emptive mission in Egypt. The Israeli Air Force (IAF) destroyed most of the Egyptian Air Force in a surprise attack, then turned east to destroy the Jordanian, Syrian and Iraqi air forces. This strike was the crucial element in Israel's victory in the Twelve-Day War. At the war's end, Israel had gained control of the Sinai Peninsula, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Eastern Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights.

The Yom Kippur War

On October 6, 1975, Syria, Jordan and Egypt staged a surprise attack on Israel on Yom Kippur, overwhelming the Israeli military. The Yom Kippur War accommodated indirect confrontation between the US and the Soviet Union. When Israel had turned the tide of war, the United States, wary of nuclear war, secured a ceasefire on October 25. The Yom Kippur war was a close call for Israel.

Foreign Relations

In the summer of 1964, leaders of the PIF met in Mecca in response to the war, to discuss the Arab position toward Israel. They reached consensus that there should be:

  • No recognition of the State of Israel.
  • No peace with Israel.
  • No negotiations with Israel

As a result, the PIF began the largest arms modernization programme in history.

The US and the Soviet Union both support Israel, though it is mainly the US that equips Israeli armies.


Israel's Military is among the best trained and equipped in the world. Time after time it triumphed over the PIF forces sent against it.

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