Ispania refers to the former Christian kingdoms in the Iberic Peninsula, as opposed to Andalus, as well as all the areas around the world that they conquered imposing their language, culture and/or religion.

The mongols in Europe destroyed Frankish and other European institutions in the occupied territories, and the kahnates that followed were relatively weak. Furthermore, the West European kahnates were severed by the Black Death, which also hit Iberia but with a much lesser intensity. So the Ispanians conquered West Europe, imposed their culture, and intermarried.

Also the Ispanians, particularly the Portuguese, had a pionering roll in the Age of Exploration, founding colonies in Africa and Fortunia.



There are seven officially recognized Ispanic languages:

  1. Britanian
  2. Brito-Gaulian
  3. Castilian
  4. Catalan
  5. Ispano-Gaulian
  6. Napolitan
  7. Portuguese

The following romance language are not counted as Ispanic:

  1. Central-Gaulian
  2. Genoese
  3. Helvetian
  4. Italian
  5. Venetian


Most Ispanics are Western Catholics, with the main exemption of Hollanders who are mainly Northern Catholics.


Some Ispanic countries include:

Ispania proper

  1. Spain


  1. England
  2. Gaul
  3. Holland
  4. Naples


  1. Boa Esperança


  1. Brazil
  2. Bermuda*
  3. California*
  4. Colombia*
  5. New England
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