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The Wiemar Republic is in trouble. Himmler is on the outskirts of Berlin, and the German Army will most likely not be able to stop them. It appears certain that, unless something is done, Himmler will seize power.

However, the ides for bringing down Himmler comes from the strangest corners. Joseph Göbbels, a Nazi and confidant of the deceased Hitler, approaches the government. After his failed attempt to take power of the Party after Hitler's Death, Göbbels had practically retired from the party. However, stunned at Himmler's audacity, he approaches the government with a dossier of information that could cripple Himmler and the Nazi movement although, Göbbels himself admitted, some are only rumors and half truths. The Chancellor and President Hindenburg, realizing they have little other choice, agree to use this information.

Soon, Göbbels' campaign is put in place. Rumors of Ernest Rohm's homosexuality, The fact that Himmler never even served in the Great War (and that only connections with the Bavarian Royal Family even got him into the Officer Corps in the first place!) and a multitude of other half truths, uncredited rumors and outright lies and fabrications were spelled out and spread across Germany.

However, the most damaging was the statement that Himmler would start wars with the Western powers and the Soviet Union. That alone was enough to cripple the movement. While the people wanted a strong leader, they were not ready to face another war, just over a decade since the Great War ended.

With that, the Nazi March on Berlin disintegrated. Rohm, facing both criminal charges for his sexuality and dismissal from the army, committed suicide. Himmler is arrested, tried, and locked away for 10 years, before being released and exiling himself to Latin America.

But now Göbbels is one of the most powerful men in Germany, and Hindenburg realizes this. Indebited to the propogandist, Hindenburg must decide to reward him, or make him go away...

What does Hindenburg do?

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