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Floridian Republic of Islandia
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Islandia, Florida
IslandiaFlag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Isles East, God Has Blessed You ({{{language}}})

(and largest city)
President General Micheal Aski
Mayor Carlos Alvarez
Area 171.9 km²
Population 3,513 
Independence 2009
Currency American Dollar w/ Floridian Conch and East Caribbean Dollar

The Floridian Republic of Islandiais a nation off the coast of Florida and the successor to the now defunct National Republic of Florida. It once controlled a large portion of South Florida, but lost all but Islandia in the Floridian Unification War to South Florida.



Islandia was a micro-city in Miami-Dade County. Although it officially was a city, its population never rose above 20. It was the result of a failed agricultural project after environmentalists declared it an abomination to Florida's wildlife.


A New Florida

In 1990, the area came under the control of the military stratocracy of the "National Republic of Florida". The area was very much neglected, although some infrastructure repair did occur. The area would become of much importance in the final days of the Floridian Unification War. Floridian Unification War During the last stages of the Floridian Unification War, the scant few remaining government officials of the National Republic of Florida evacuated to Islandia. The area, always very much neglected was immediately put into a reconstruction era, while also attempting to organize a militia to combat the South Floridians. The attack, however, never came, although a peace treaty did. The war was officially finished under the following:

  • The National Republic of Florida must recognize the Republic of South Florida as the new legitamate government of all of South Florida.
  • The Republic of South Florida recognizes National Florida's control over Islandia.
  • Both nations may cooperate in economics and politics.
  • Citizens may be given a two year period to freely travel and decide on a residency. After that, they may no longer leave the country of choice without a passport and proper documents.
  • Unification may not be brought up until the year 2030.
  • National Florida must subject to regime changes and the creation of a government truly elected by the people.
  • South Florida must repair all structures in Southeast Florida by 2015.
  • Both nations may allow refugees from the Miami Urban Area to settle in their nation.

The Present Day

Since the Floridian Unification War, Islandia has healed significantly. With electricity having since been restored to the island, and it becoming a port hub for ships crossing into the Caribbean, its success is thanks to the ones that nearly destroyed the mainland part of the nation.


The island, once home to no economic activity whatsoever, is now a vital port for those crossing the Atlantic. It relies on mainly tariffs, ship manufacturing, and unloading or reloading ships. Agriculture is a very small presense, since most food is brought from afar.


The government of Islandia is a presidential stratocracy, which means that the military, most of whom are the National Guard Exiles, hold higher privilages than civilians. Since only a small part of the island is inhabited, a president leads the island's foreign affairs, while it is truly governed by the mayor.

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