The Islamic State of Indonesia and the Philippines (Indonesian: Negara Islam Indonesia dan Philippines, Filipino: Estadong Islam sa Indonesia at Pilipinas, Arabic: الدولة الإسلامية في إندونيسيا والفلبين) known as ISIP in short, is the branch and affiliate of the Islamic State that operates in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Formed with members other Southeast Asian Islamist terrorist groups such as Jemaah Islamiyah and Abu-Sayyaf, ISIP claims that its goal to dominate Indonesia and Philippines for Islam.

The group was in February of 2015, by Sayyid Abdul-Badir, an Indonesian cleric from Yogyakarta, originally as the Islamic State of Indonesia. Later, it merged with its Philippine sister, the Islamic State of the Philippines found by former ISI member Omar Abdul-Walid, who was from Jolo.


Sayyid Abdul-Badir, an Indonesian Islamic cleric from Yogyakarta in Indonesia was an avid hater of non-Islamic religions in Indonesia, and had a goal for "cleansing" Indonesia of non-Muslims. Angered by the political move by then-president Megatawai Sukarnoputri to give non-Muslim Indonesians firearms for self-protection, Abdul-Badir hired former Jemaah Islamiyah members and set out to attack unarmed non-Muslim Indonesians.

Abdul-Badir however, changed his mind and had a bigger goal, to conquer lands beyond Indonesia, for Islam. The Philippines, Singapore and Thailand were in Abdul-Badir's mind. Since Indonesia shared a land border with the Philippines via Borneo, Abdul-Badir often sent scouts to the southern Philippines to recruit members.

By the end of February, about 132 new recruits from Mindanao, Sabah and the Sulu Archipelago had become working for Abdul-Badir. However, 53 of them were captured in Mindanao and imprisoned in the Philippines. Another 74 Filipino recruits were scouted by the Indonesian army for attempting to bomb a Buddhist temple, and were executed in Jakarta's federal detention center via firing squad.

One of Abdul-Badir's former henchman, another Islamic cleric by the name of Omar Abdul-Walid escaped back to Jolo, to form the Islamic State of the Philippines on March 4, 2015. There, along with help from Indonesian supporters, carried out the Isabela City attack. The situations worsened for both nations, with execution, honor killings, and forced-conversions of non-Muslim to Islam occurring and re-occurring in both countries.

In April 14, 2015, the two merged to form the Islamic State of Indonesia and the Philippines. This caused both countries to tighten border security, as Indonesian president Joko Widodo and Philippine president Benigno Aquino III promised to work together in counter-terrorism efforts.

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