Islam is a major world faith whose sacred sites were involved in the nuclear holocaust in the Middle East during World War III in 1995. Many millions of Muslims, largely in South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, died during the conflict. They were themselves also involved in attacks on India and Israel during the same conflict, although these attacks were more political than religious.

The Islamic response to the destruction visited upon them during the War has been to meet aggression with peace, based on the principle that one who kills one person destroys the whole human race. They also engage in pacifist ritual suicide by visiting their holy places, which are now highly radioactive, in their old age. The rest of the world nowadays looks up to Islam as an example of a pacifist way of life.

Along with Christianity, Islam is involved in attempting to administer and provide some kind of social order to the depopulated chaos of sub-Saharan Africa. In the case of Islam, Shari`a Law is used as a framework for the administration of the area. Although this can be seen as harsh, the highly dangerous situation in the continent is also seen as justifying the harshness, and the imposition of the law there has in any case not been very successful due to the lack of good communications or personnel there.

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