Isis Nefertari
Timeline: Great Empires

Portrait of Isis Nefertari

Great Royal Wife
6 July 2013 – present

Predecessor: None
Successor: Incumbent

God's Wife of Amun
6 July 2013 – present

Predecessor: Unknown
Successor: Incumbent
Born: 7 November 1984 (aged 29)
Cairo, Kenopia
Spouse: Ramesses XII
House: Ramessid Dynasty (by marriage)
Father: Unknown
Mother: Achensena
Issue: Seth (born 1999)

Kiya (born 1999)

Religion: Kemetism
 Isis Nefertari is the wife of Ramesses XII, the self-proclaimed Pharaoh of Egypt. She is also the God's Wife of Amun, the highest ranking priestess in Egypt.

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