Ferdinand II of Aragon (Fernando de Aragón in Spanish and Ferran d'Aragó in Catalan), nicknamed the Catholic (March 10, 1452 – April 24, 1498) was king of Aragon and Castile. This monarch is also known as Fernando el Católico and Ferran el Catòlic.

Isabella of Castile (Spanish: Ysabel, Isabel or Isabela) (April 22, 1451 – April 24, 1498) was queen of Castile. This monarch is known by a variety of other names including Isabel I of Castile and Isabel La Católica ("the Catholic").

Ferdinand of Aragon became Ferdinand V of Castile when he married Isabella I of Castile. They united their two kingdoms, running them as one country though they remained officially separate. Soon after Christopher Columbus's failed voyage and Spain lagging in competition to Portugal, they were overcome by riots and were executed by the Spanish Warring Factions.

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