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Isabel of Modena (1861: Historical Failing)

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Isabel of Modena
Timeline: 1861: Historical Failing

Isabel I of Modena
Portrait of Isabel of Modena

19th Duchess of Modena, Governor of Papua and Superintendent of New Bastiglia
1979 - Present

Predecessor: Lucia, Duchess of Modena
Successor: Incumbent
Born: 23 June 1943
Flag of Lazio (1861 HF) Rome, Lazio
Spouse: Alberto, Duke of Modena
Profession: Duchess

Isabel (Native name: Maria Isabella Elena Immacolata Barbara Anna Pace) is the current Duchess of Modena. She's married with Alberto and has four children: Vittorio (born in 1972), Maria Cristina (born and died 1973), Carlo Alberto (born in 1974) and Maria Luce (born in 1978).

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