Isabel Peron
Isabel Martinez
President of Argentina
In office:

July 1, 1974 - December 20, 1989

Preceded by: Juan Peron
Succeded by: Carlos Menem
Vice President of Argentina
In office:

197? - 1974

Preceded by: Unknown
Succeded by: Unknown
First Lady of Argentina
In office:

1961 - 1974

Preceded by: Eva Peron 
Succeded by: Unknown

February 4 1931, La Rioja, Argentina

Died -
Nationality: Argentinian
Political party: Justicialist

Juan Peron

Children: 4
Alma mater:


Occupation: Politician, Dancer
Religion: Roman Catholic

Isabel Peron is an argentinian politician, who previously served as President of Argentina (1974 - 1989)

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