Isabel Perón
Timeline: Napoleon's World

Isabel Martinez

President of Argentina
1 July 1974 – November 1980

Predecessor Juan Perón
Born February 4, 1931 (1931-02-04) (age 87)
Flag of Argentina La Rioja, Argentina
Political Party Peronist Party
Profession Politician

María Estela Martínez Cartas de Perón (born February 4, 1931), better known as Isabel Martínez de Perón or Isabel Perón, is a former President of Argentina and the widow and third wife of President Juan Perón. During her husband's third term she served as Vice President, and succeeded him upon his death, serving from July 1974 until November 1980, when she was forced to resign to give way to an emergency wartime government run by a panel of military officers and leaders from the major contemporary Argentinean parties. Her ouster ended the Peronist Era of Argentina and would eventually lead to the Constitution of 1988. She is best known for her subversive policies against opponents both on the left and the right of Argentinean politics and her bringing Argentina into the Brazilian War, long viewed as an inevitability.