Isabel Allende
Timeline: Napoleon's World


President of Chile
10 April 2002 – 10 April 2006

Predecessor Ricardo Lagos Escobar
Successor Joaquín Lavín Infante

Senator of the Republic
for Atacama

10 April 1994 – 10 April 2002

Born August 2, 1942 (1942-08-02) (age 75)
Flag of Peru Lima, Peru
Political Party PSDP

Isabel Allende Llona (born in Lima, Peru, on 2 August, 1942) is a Chilean politician, activist and author best known for serving as President of Chile from 2002 to 2006. She is the daughter of former Chilean dictator Salvador Allende's cousin, Tomás (a former government official). Her run for the Senate in 1990 was highly controversial due to the reputation of her uncle and she was narrowly defeated, despite her having recanted Communism in 1983 and having been highly critical of Allende's regime after his 1987 death. In 1994, she was successfully elected to the Chilean Senate and served one term before running for office in 2002, upsetting UDP favorite Michelle Bachelet on the second ballot in the primaries thanks to strong support from various left-wing elements. She defeated right-wing candidate (and her future successor) Joaquín Lavín in the runoff in the 2002 presidential election and became the second consecutive leftist elected to the Presidency.


Her Presidency included a controversial legislative battle against the National Democratic Confederation over social policy (namely abortion and maternity leave) and famously debated the Bishop of Santiago on the air. Her insistence on incorporating the more hardline Communist Party into the Democratic People's Unity prior to the 2006 election to prevent losses for the left backfired and gutted the coalition, with her archenemy Lavín winning the ensuing election. Due to a recession during her term and her controversial and polarizing behavior as President, Allende is regarded as the worst President since the restoration of democracy.


The Allende Cabinet
Office Name Party Term
President Isabel AllendePSDPApril 10, 2002–April 10, 2006
Interior Michelle BacheletPSDPApril 10, 2002–January 7, 2005
Osvaldo Puccio HuidobroPSDPJanuary 7, 2005–April 10, 2006
Foreign Affairs Heraldo MuñozPDSApril 10, 2002–2005
Guillermo TellierPCCh2005–April 10, 2006
Defense Vivianne Blanlot SozaPDSApril 10, 2002–2005
Juan Pablo LetelierPSDP2005–April 10, 2006
Finance José Miguel InsulzaPSDPApril 10, 2002–April 10, 2006
Justice José Antonio GómezPSDPApril 10, 2002–February 25, 2005
Luis Bates HidalgoIND2005–April 10, 2006
Labor Juan Pablo LetelierPSDPApril 10, 2002–2005
Jorge ArratePCCh2005–April 10, 2006