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The decision is made to send the next expedition to the far South of the colony of New York. Led also by Columbus, it goes down deep into the area of the Aztecs- Mexico.

If only he'd come in 1517...

Alas, the Aztecs are somewhat taken aback by his arrival, but calmly adjust, killing his men and capturing two ships while his second in command escapes in another two. Columbus attempts to escape on the last one, but the Aztecs set fire to it, leaving him and 100 men stranded in Mexico. 

But Columbus is lucky in one way.

As a result of his capture- along with his men- a disease spreads among the Aztecs, killing both of the King's sons. Believing this to be magical vengence, the Emperor- Ahuitzotl, on his deathbed- begs humbly for forgiveness, and offers his daughter for marriage with Columbus, who accepts. As a pure coincidence, Ahuitzotl recovers from the disease soon after, seemingly confirming Columbus's reputation as magician.

20 years pass, with the Columbus expedition being feared in Europe. People decide it was a mistake to go this way, where it was clearly not India or China. Other routes continue, with few expeditions to the South.

Meanwhile, Columbus and his men have given the Aztec empire new weapons, of metal and steel, even some gunpowder, and the Aztecs grow more and more powerful!

In 1516, a man named Cortez leads a small army of 1000 men into the jungle, to find out what happened to Columbus.

He finds Columbus- Emperor of a giant nation, twice or thrice the size of OTL, thanks to their new weapons- and the diseases that they are now immune to, but others aren't.

What does Cortez do?

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