Timeline: Philippines and the Three Renegade Countries
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Language Irrayan
Currency Irrayan Rupee(IR)

This country is known for it being attacked by outsiders like the Wokou because of it being rich in minerals, the Dutch and Spanish ignored this country..

Irrayan Language

The language spoken on Irraya Samples

I(I, Mine) - Nak Mine -(insert item)-k ex Honggok(Your books)

We(Ours)(Inclusive)-Ikkantam Our(Inclusive)- (insert item)-tam ex. Honggotam(Our Books) We/Ours(Exclusive)-Ikkami Our(Exclusive) - (insert item)-mi ex. Honggomi(Our Books)

You(rs)(Singular) - Ikkamu

Your(Singular) -(insert item)-mu ex Honggomu(Your books)

You(Plural) - Ikkayu

Your(Plural) -(insert item)-nu ex Honggonu(Your books)

Eat - Makan To Eat - Makkan(Mag+Kan(eat))

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