Ironfist Empire
Timeline: Age of Darkness

OTL equivalent: Rust Belt, Chicago and New York metropolitan area
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Other cities New York
  others German, French, Spanish, Regional dialects
  others Catholic and Orthodox Christianity
Legislature Military Dictatorship
Commander in Chief unknown
Area 443,154 km²
Population 972 473 (100AC) 
Established 20AC
Currency Tushori Credits

The Ironfist Empire is a North American nation bordering the United Canadian States and Free Republic of Quebec to the north, the Farmer's League to the southwest, the Holy Confederate States of America to the south, and the United Native American Nations to the west. As far as can be discerned, it also borders the main territory of the Plave's Rebellion to the south.


Soon after the collapse, large numbers of factories throughout the Rust Belt changed their production to weaponry and armaments in response spike in demand following the Collapse. After several years of anarchy, the individual factories and factions were united under a single, commanding and brutal paramilitary government and led by a nearly insane egomaniac who commanded "with an iron fist". Ruthless and expansionist, the empire sought to create a super-soldier which could wipe all other nations off the map. To do this, Ironfist Empire was forced to seek the expertise of Ados-lan scientists, who, in return for a peace treaty, provided the cat-human Chimera Bioweapon through the services of the Tushori Corporation. Because only muscular males were desired by the empire, all female Chimeras were returned to Ados-lan and the Tushori Corporation for breeding purposes. Unfortunately, the male's intelligence and purposely savage temperament would lead to resistance movements, the most successful of which is the Plave's Rebellion. It trades arms, armor, espionage information, and plaves with Ados-lan, Tushori, the Carteles Unidos de Mexico, and the Republic of Texas, but is at war with the United Native American Nations, the Holy Confederate States of America, New Deseret, the Plave Resistance, and the United Canadian States.

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