Irene Yäkumö
いれね やあくも

Minna Canth
Irene Yäkumö in 1940

Shogun of Finland
1907 – 1911

Predecessor Aya Tamminen
Successor Toyotama Jaakkola

Mayor of Rumiää
1912 – -

Predecessor Elviira Annala
Born 1889
Kokkola, Finland
Political Party Nationalist Party of Finland
Religion Shintoist
Profession Samurai

Irene Yäkumö was the Shogun of Finland from 1907 to 1911.


She was born in Kokkola, Finland in 1889, which also happened to be the same year as the fall of Sweden.

Later she became Shogun in 1907 after Aya Tamminen retired, and had ordered the road-ways to be built in Finland so that the kurumá would easily travel in Finland.

In 1908 she saw the construction of roadways being built throughout Finland as well as electricity being put in cities and towns; and factories were being established as well.

In 1911, after finding out that the Azores was Portuguese, and that she tried to colonise them, she declared war against the Portuguese for control of the Azores. However, this horrified and angered Empress Sasakia so soon she drives to Helsinki to meet Irene Yäkumö and told her to withdraw and apologise to Portugal. However Irene Yäkumö refused and with a sword in her hand threatened to kill the Empress of she didn't leave. This fails, as Empress Sasakia had proceeded to slap Irene Yäkumö with a Japanese War Fan. After that, Irene Yäkumö agreed to withdraw her deceleration of war, and agreed to leave. She then went to Käwäshiro.

In 1912, Irene Yäkumö moved to a small house in the small town of Rumiää (population: 50) and soon became mayor of the town.