Ireland, officially known as the Republic of Ireland, is a democratic nation occupying the entire island of Ireland. A staunch ally of America, it is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, which separates its enemies of Scotland and England. A president serves as its head of state, with Michael D. Higgins serving since 2011.

Granted independence from Britain following the end of the First World War, Ireland was among the poorer nations of the world. Following its victory in World War II, it became an ally of America, and enjoyed the growth of its economy. The economic slump of the 1980s allowed Conor O'Doyle and the Irish Republican Army to come to power, but he was ousted by an American invasion in 1989. Since then, its economy has grown once more, but ever since the global economic crash of 2006, it's economy has mixed success.



British Invasion

Post War Success

Slump and the Coup

The Celtic Tiger

Present Day

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