Poblacht na hÉireann

Irish Republic

Flag of Ireland Coat of arms of Ireland
Flag Coat of arms
Irish Colonial Empire (WW2)
Irish colonial empire

Capital Dublin

Official languages Irish,English

Demonym Irish

Government Republic
Príomh Aire Douglas Hyde

National Legislature Dáil Éireann

– Independence from Great Britain January 21, 1919

Currency Irish pound (£)

Preceded by: Flag of the United Kingdom British Empire

Role in the First World War

Ireland entered the war part of the British Empire. In 1916 Germany helped in a small rebellion in Dublin, but it failed and the rebels were executed.

Ireland viewed them as martyrs and the whole nation stood up in open rebellion with supplies sent from Germany.

By 1919 the Irish won their full independence from Britain. And as a token of good faith, and some say bribery, Germany gave Ireland a number of British Colonies.

Interwar Years

Ireland was fully independent and joined the Central Powers shortly after the war ended. Ireland's trade rate increased dramatically because of her new colonial territories, and a quarter of the British Navy was given to them as well for them to defend themselves.

The Great Depression hit Ireland the hardest of all the Central Powers. Because Ireland had many trade relations with the United States the depression hit them the hardest and the earliest of all European countries.

After the depression the Irish government increased the budget for the Army and their troops became some of the best equipped soldiers in the world.

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