Eire Map Template

Eire Template Map

Eire (OTL Ireland) remained mostly isolated for millennia resulting in genetic drift. This isolation led to localized population traits such as very pale skin, violet, blue or green eyes, and bright red hair, etc, shared by an entire isolated community. Such occurrences are far rarer near the coasts (especially to the west and near port cities,) where the intermingling of heterogeneous population groups is likely to occur.

From the early 17th to the mid 18th centuries (CE) customs stations were created on offshore islands in order to prevent the spread of foreign pests and diseases. These have augmented the growth of scientific research and have been accompanied by the creation of universities near all functioning harbors.

External Links: - An in depth History of Celtic Ireland (OTL) - Ireland according to Ptolemy (Circa 150 C.E) - Ireland's history in maps (OTL)

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