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Iraqi Self-Defence Forces
Timeline: A Red Century
Headquarters: Baghdad
Commander-in-Chief: Abu Haziz
Commander: President of Iraq
Branches: Iraqi Ground Self-Defence Force
Iraqi Air Self-Defence Force
Iraqi Self-Defence Navy
Active personnel: 450,000
Reserve personnel: 1,250,000
Deployed: 0
Annual budget: 11,3 billion
In % of GDP: 2,9%
Founded in: October 7 of 1994
Ages qualified for service: 18
Available for service: 8,233,400 males, age 16-49

7,827,012 females, age 15-49

Fit for service: 7,422,000 males, age 16-49

7,015,00 females, age 16-49

Reaching age / yr: 315,245 males

306,519 females

Conscription law: Volunteer for both males and females
Supplying countries: United States, France, Brazil, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Soviet Union, China, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Hungary
Annual arms imports: 1,991 millions USD

The Iraqi Self-Defence Forces, or ISDF, are the military forces of Iraq established shortly after the occupation of Iraq by coalition forces.

The mission of the ISDF is to protect Iraq`s sovereign territory from external threats and keeping internal peace. The ISDF are forbidden by constitutional decree to use military force in aggression to another country.


Following the Dissolution of Entities and Reorganization of the Iraqi Armed Forces treaty signed in May 12 of 1994 the former Iraqi Armed Forces were dissolved and reorganized into it`s current composition.

The ISDF saw much action in counter insurgency operations taken place during and after the Great Middle Eastern War and the coalition occupation, at that point the force was just a make up of re-integrated remnants from the former Iraqi Armed Forces with aid and treinament provided by the coalition and was unable to provide appropriate security against the Insurgency.

However, after the Al-Quseyr Jund militia was integrated into the regular forces and Saddam Hussein was captured the Insurgency slowly diminished and by 2003 the experienced ISDF finally brought peace to the restless country.

Currently the ISDF are seeking to increase it`s forces in response to perceived threats posed by an increasingly unstable Saudi regime.



Support Weapons:

  • PK General Purpose Machine Gun
  • Type 67 General Purpose Machine Gun
  • M240 General Purpose Machine Gun
  • NSV Heavy Machine Gun
  • M2 Heavy Machine gun
  • AGS-17 Automatic Grenade Launcher
  • QLZ-87 Automatic Grenade Launcher
  • SPG-9 Recoilless Gun
  • AT-14 Spriggan Anti-Tank Missile
  • Milan ATGM Anti-Tank Missile
  • ZPU-4 Anti-Aircraft Gun
  • ZU-23-2 Anti-Aircraft Autocannon
  • Type 87 82mm Medium Mortar
  • M120 120mm Heavy Mortar



Name Type Country of origin Quantity Picture
Rafale C Multirole fighter France 20 
Rafale C
JAS 39NG Multirole fighter Sweden 36
MiG-29M Multirole fighter Soviet Union 10
MiG-25PD Interceptor Soviet Union 2
Su-25K Attack aircraft Soviet Union 19
Ilyushin Il-76 Cargo aircraft Soviet Union 27
Ilyushin Il-76
C-5B Cargo aircraft United States 5
Mi-8 Transport helicopter Soviet Union 216
Mi-25 Attack helicopter Soviet Union 90

Land Vehicles

Name Type Country of origin Quantity Picture
UAZ-469 Light Utility Vehicle Soviet Union 92,000
HMMWV Light Utility Vehicle United States 9,500
GAZ-3937 Amphibious Light Utility Vehicle Soviet Union 1725
Ural-4320 Truck Soviet Union 18,000
M939 Truck United States 2,500
BRDM-2 Amphibious Armoured scout car Soviet Union 454
BRDM-2 (2)
M113 Armoured personnel carrier United States 411
MT-LB Armoured personnel carrier Soviet Union 657
Type 63 Armoured personnel carrier China 212
Type 63
EE-11 Armoured personnel carrier Brazil 247
EE-9 Armoured car Brazil 401
EE-18 Tank destroyer Brazil 34
BMP-1 Infantry fighting vehicle Soviet Union 1,045
BMP-2 Infantry fighting vehicle Soviet Union 374
BMP-2 side
T-55 & variants Main battle tank Soviet Union / China / Poland / Czechoslovakia / Romania / Hungary / Locally produced 1,123
T-55 Enigma (2)

T-55 Enigma

T-62 & variants Main battle tank Soviet Union / China / Poland / Czechoslovakia / Romania / Hungary 472


T-72 & variants Main battle tank Soviet Union / Poland / Czechoslovakia / Romania / Hungary 109
T-72M1M (2)

T-72M1M Asad Babil II

EE-T2 Main battle tank Brazil 214

EE-T1 Fahd Babil

Leopard 2A5 Main battle tank Germany 200
Leopard 2A5

Leopard 2A5

2S1 Self-propelled artillery Soviet Union 91
2S3 Self-propelled artillery Soviet Union 11
M-109A5 Self-propelled artillery United States 50
2A18 Howitzer Soviet Union 280
M198 Howitzer United States 150
BM-21 Multiple rocket launcher Soviet Union / Locally produced 351
Astros II Multiple rocket launcher Brazil 96
Astros II front
ZSU-23-4 Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun Soviet Union / Poland / Czechoslovakia / Romania / Hungary 512
SA-13 Surface-to-air missile Soviet Union 42
SA-15D Surface-to-air missile Soviet Union 36
SA-17 Surface-to-air missile Soviet Union 112
SA-22 Surface-to-air missile Soviet Union 76
MIM-104 PAC-3 Surface-to-air missile United States 56
MIM-104 PAC-3

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